If you’ve previously bought a pair of cheap clippers from one of the local outlets, then you well informed that purchasing a cheap clipper will only set you back in the near future. Complete Hairdressing Supplies use Andis as their preferred supplier. Andis’ main competitive advantage is that the Andis Clippers are clippers are reliable, efficient and professional.”


Firstly, it’s most certainly advisable to visit a couple for product reviews before purchasing any clipper. The quality of the product is that important for you in the long run. Secondly, every clipper is unique and this is most certainly the same case with the quality of the clipper.  When looking at the quality of the device, focus on:

  • Look at the housing and the quality thereof.
  • Can you determine if it is a cheap plastic, or what they are made of? (a toughened hard-wearing plastic resin)
  • The blades, are they tough and durable?
  • Can you feel the power of the motor – turn on the clipper, you will quickly determine the power of the motor in your hand.

The Motor (This makes all the difference)

When purchasing hair clipper, it’s the size and power of the motor that differentiates top of the range devices form the poor imitations. If you have a decent blade attached to the clipper head, a powerful motor will ensure that your hair is not grabbed and or pulled while cutting. Prices are usually dictated by the quality of the blades and the motor that drives them. It is these elements that you should pay particular attention to when making your purchase. Cheaper clipper motors most certainly burn out quicker and provide far less power to the blades. Inspect the blades carefully to ensure they are strong and sharp, if that is the case you should have no issues with the performance of the clipper for a number of years. One tip I would like to share is for you to see what they are made from and if suppliers have stock of these. That said, it is always advisable to keep a spare set of blades in the event they break or you need a replacement.

 Ease and Frequency of Use

The right hair clipper for you may depend on what how often you are intending to use the device. If this is for home use then you would only require this one a month but for commercial it need to be far more durable.If you would like to find out more about our clippers and trimmer range, contact Complete Hairdressing Supplies today