There is nothing more frustrating than getting the perfect highlights or blond do-over, only for your hair to develop sickly orange or yellow tones after a few weeks. Those brassy tones sneaking into blond hair is a common frustration. But what causes it and how can you get rid of it once it appears?

That unwanted orange and yellow tones are referred to by professionals as brassy tones. It’s the result of oxidation. When the hair cuticle opens and the hair shaft loses green pigments, it leaves behind red pigments that shows up as warm brassy tones.

Even the best colourist cant prevent brassy hair. Once hair is bleached, it runs the risk of turning brassy. Bleached hair is more porous, and all hair has that natural tendency to hold onto warmer tones.

You can protect your hair by switching to sulphate free shampoos. Also, use hair masks and deep conditioners formulated to protect colour treated hair.

Consider a hair toner, such as the Silver Shampoo in our catalogue,  to keep brassiness at bay and make your hair colour more vibrant. This shampoo contains a high concentration of pure pigments that intensifies platinum blonde, highlighted or white hair.

Ultimately it helps to stay realistic with your hair colour choices. If your hair is naturally darker, you are more prone to develop brassiness if you go lighter than natural blondes