It has been said that a woman’s hair is a crown she never takes off. With a beautiful new hairdo comes an undeniable confidence boost. As a professional hairstylist you know that providing an exceptional salon experience lies in the tools you use as much as the skill that you have.

Titanium flat hair irons are great for thicker, coarse hair as it heats the hair up from the outside in. Titanium flat hair irons are the most commonly used flat iron by hair care professionals simply because they produce great results. One such product is the flat hair iron by Corioliss. TheĀ  Corioliss C3 Silver Leopard Iron is not only stylish in design but great for results. The Corioliss range is versatile, stylish, easy to use, and great for yielding the best hair care results. The titanium plates distribute heat evenly and are less likely to burn your client’s hair, given they have a thicker, coarser strand.

As a hair care professional striving to provide the best hair care experience why not invest in a product that not only gets the job done but does so spectacularly well. From sleek and straight to curly and bouncy, the Corioliss can do it all and then some.