Split ends can affect the texture of your hair and cause breakage and hair fall. Split ends can also affect the appearance of hair and cause it to appear lacklustre and parched. Treating and caring for your hair regularly can greatly reduce the effects of split ends and add shine and bounce to your hair.

Luckily, we’ve compiled a few tips to help prevent split ends. Firstly, it is important to remember that wet hair is extremely vulnerable and should be combed out gently, starting from the bottom. It is also good to remember to not dry wet hair too vigorously with a towel as this causes the follicle to split, resulting in more split ends.  Avoid using heat to dry your hair every day as this results in parched hair and changed hair follicle structures which promote split ends and hair fall.

The pillowcase that you sleep on can also cause split ends and most hair care professionals to recommend sleeping with a silk pillowcase. Avoid over washing and over-brushing hair as this too can result in split ends and dry and broken off hair. Also, make sure to give your hair a break in between certain treatments like hair dyes and perms as the chemicals in these products can damage hair and cause breakage when after prolonged use.

No shampoo or conditioner can repair split ends once you have them, but a shampoo with moisturizing ingredients like Davine’s Nourishing Shampoo can help you disguise them. Its intensely hydrating formula can also protect and strengthen hair against factors that contribute to breakage