Whatever the type of business, our hygiene laws state that every workplace must be a fully hygienic environment at all times. This could not be further off the truth in establishments such as hair and beauty salons, who see so many different people passing through. Apart from the heavy foot traffic, working in a salon environment also means that you are exposed to many different clients and it’s for this reason why your salon should be clean at all times. Hair may be a bugger to get off a wet floor, so ensure that you are constantly cleaning around your work area.

With all of this in mind, as a salon owner, it is imperative that excellent salon hygiene and good housekeeping within your business is at the forefront of your mind, not only for your staff but also for your visitors and clients to ensure that your business continues to run effectively and nobody’s health is put at risk.

It is vital to prevent the risks of cross contamination by maintaining high standards of hygiene in your salon. Whether it’s from yourself, other clients or dirty tools, fungi, viruses, parasites and bacteria can easily spread if you don’t do your bit to put a stop to them. Tools such as combs, scissors and tweezers are prime candidates for cross contamination – plus, clients would probably feel a little grossed out if they knew you’d used the same scissors on all clients without cleaning them! Germs can easily spread between clients this way, and can cause infections that will make them very unlikely to come back to you.

It is the responsibility of everyone working within the salon to practice basic hygiene at the very least to ensure the cleanliness of salons and the health of staff and clients, cleaning and disinfecting procedures must be followed.


Having a cleaning roster ensures that all areas of the salon are kept clean and that all members contribute to the cleanliness. Ensure all appliances and equipment is cleaned and disinfected appropriately. Complete Hair Supplies have a range of cleaning and disinfecting supplies and also recommended the following best practice in salons:

  • Andis Cool Care Plus is used between clients to ensure the equipment is disinfected.
  • Andis Blade Care Plus is used on the steel/ceramic cutter to wash away hair, build-up and preservatives that accumulate on the clipper blades. This should be done after each work shift.
  • The glass jars are filled with disinfecting concentrate which should we changed weekly, to dip combs and scissors in to disinfect them.
  • We have Organomax which is a powerful, bio-degradable, water based, organic degreaser used for general cleaning – floors, mirrors, basins.
  • Microsolve is a general detergent disinfectant which can be used on combs, brushes, basins.
  • Bacternil is a non-toxic surface disinfectant used to spray on brushes, chairs, basins after each client


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