As a hairdresser or a barber, your clippers are one of the most important, and most used, pieces of equipment you have in your arsenal. Clippers are used for any number of hairstyles, and come in both corded and cordless options. Both are capable of providing fantastic service, but one might be more suited to your needs than the other.

You should invest in some cordless clippers for your hair salon or barber shop. Cordless clippers are highly efficient for moving around the head easily. If you are not sure if cordless clippers are right for you, below we give some of the benefits of using them for your salon.

Overall Performance

One of the major benefits of using cordless clippers is that they offer a good overall performance when compared to other options. These clippers can shear difficult hair and beards with ease, allowing you to manoeuvre around your client’s head without having to limit yourself with a cord. Many of these cordless clippers are made from high-quality materials, helping to improve their performance and ensuring they will not overheat or become damaged from everyday use.

Perfectly Portable

Because cordless clippers do not have a cord to power them, they are completely portable and can be used anywhere. This is ideal for those times when you need to seat walk-in customers who want a fade or trim but you do not have a chair free with a corded clipper. For those who offer mobile salon services, cordless clippers allow you to operate from any venue, ideal for weddings in places that might not have enough electrical outlets for your equipment or for a groom’s touch up before he walks down the aisle.

Added Accessories

Many cordless clippers have added accessories which help you to create the perfect style for your clients. You can add snap on attachments for close trims, or even opinions for a light trim for those who want a neater style. These added accessories mean that you can use one tool for many styles without needing to switch between other pieces of equipment. For a smaller hair salon or barber shop, this can save you money on equipment when you are starting out.

Flexibility Of Use

With cordless clippers, you are able to cut any length of hair and any style. Cordless clippers can be used to neaten up the edges of fades, while clippers with a guard comb allow you to lightly cut the back or sides of a client’s hair for an edgier look. This flexibility makes cordless clippers stand out from the rest of the models, especially if you choose a well-known brand. Not having to rely on a cord will also give you more freedom of movement, adding to how flexible you can be with a haircut. Being able to easily reach all sides of the head allows you to create fun designs in fades and neaten up a short haircut smoothly and efficiently.

Time Savers

Having to use scissors for a short haircut can be time-consuming, which can also cause your clients to become restless, especially if they are asking for a haircut for a function on the same day. However, using cordless clippers allows you to perform the same haircut in a much shorter length of time. You will be able to finish a trim or even a full styling without clients having to wait for hours for you to complete your work. Saving time also allows you to work on more customers during the day, helping to improve your income and profit.

Keep Calm And Clipper On

Using cordless clippers has numerous benefits for any salon or barber shop. You will find that the overall performance is better than some corded clippers, that the portability allows for more flexibility when cutting hair, and the added accessories make it easier to offer diverse hairstyles to your customers. You will also save time on trimming and cutting hair, providing more customer satisfaction.

For high-quality cordless clippers and other essential hairdressing equipment, feel free to contact Complete Hairdressing Supplies to find out what we can offer you.