Having your own hair salon often means that you will be offering more than just haircuts. You will likely also be offering hairstyling services too, which means you will need styling equipment. But if you are new to styling and only have experience in the cutting sphere of the hairdressing industry, you might not be entirely sure what equipment you will need.

When you are looking at styling equipment there are several aspects to consider. You will need to think about the types of hairstyles you will be offering; if you will be catering for wedding parties, you will likely need hair tongs and straighteners. If you will be offering blowouts and layered styles, hairdryers and shears are the way to go. Below we give some helpful advice on the styling equipment that every salon needs.

Blending Shears

When you want to offer softened lines or add texture to a haircut, blending shears or scissors are the ultimate choice in styling equipment. This versatile tool has evenly spaced teeth n one side and a blunt, straight blade on the other. This allows you to add texture to otherwise flat ro dull hair and for making hair look more voluminous when dried and styled. These shears allow you to offer a more diverse portfolio of hairstyles, which can be helpful for driving business and improving customer satisfaction.


A hairdresser without a hairdryer is likely one that is out of work. Dryers are essential pieces of styling equipment that help you to add finishing touches to special hairstyles. The dryer should be lightweight but have a high performance, as it is a tool you will be using on a daily basis. There are different attachments you can add to your dryers, such as diffusers, for curly hair or for making the end hairstyle more voluminous for thinner hair. Without a hairdryer, you will not be able to show your client the final product.

Flat And Curling Irons

Flat irons and curling irons are also vital pieces of styling equipment you should have within reach. A curling iron can be used to create a variety of looks, from romantic, soft curls to chic waves. Flat irons are used to straighten hair and can also be used in different styling projects. Having one of each of these irons is ideal, and allows you to offer different types of hairstyles, which is especially useful if you will be offering wedding or Matric dance hairstyles. Be sure to choose flat or curling irons with high-quality materials.


Not only barbers can make use of having razors as part of their styling equipment arsenal. They are extremely useful for removing hair quickly while creating stunning texture, making them ideal for those short, funky hairstyles that have become so popular. You can invest in razors with interchangeable blades for more versatility so you can offer straight-razor cutting, blending, and texturising using only one effective tool. The razor handle should have an ergonomic finger design so your hand stays in a natural position while reducing strain.


Having a variety of different brushes to use when styling someone’s hair is vital for the success of any hair salon. For example, a paddle brush is ideal for detangling hair without any pain, and rounded brushes are ideal for creating volume during blow drying. Having more than one brush is also important for hygiene reasons, as you can use one while another is being sanitised. Ceramic brushes are a must-have as they eliminate static and make it easier to control unruly hair.

Start Styling

Having the right styling equipment in your salon helps you to provide multiple options to clients who are interested in changing their look. You will need to have blending shears for different haircuts, dryers to complete the look, flat and curling irons for unique hairstyles, and razors and brushes for more versatility.

If you would like to stock up your salon with styling equipment, contact Complete Hairdressing Supplies today for more information.