As the days get colder the thought of a wet head of hair is enough to give anyone shivers down their spine. Because we blow dry our hair more often in the month of winter the risk of heat damage to our hair is greatly intensified. Continuing to apply hot air to the strands of our hair can have seriously damaging effects in the long run and can result in everything from dry and brittle hair to split ends.

Finding a good hair care product that provides adequate heat protection while sealing in moisture is a good place to start to avoid brittle and dry hair. Treating hair every once a week with a hair care product specifically formulated to protect against heat damage will ensure that your hair does not dry out and become prone to breakage.

Another great way to protect your hair from heat damage this winter is to use a hair shield before heat is applied to dry your hair. One such product that is trusted by salon owners is made by the Davines range; the Melu hair shield, made from lentil beans, this hair care product provides adequate heat protection while keeping hair soft and moisturised.