Curly hair is notoriously unpredictable and can be difficult to control into the soft and shiny curls. Any person with naturally curly hair can tell you that it’s hard to achieve those picture-perfect curls at home. The right cocktail of hair products and hair tools can make life so much easier. Instead of spending hours straightening your frizzy locks and then re-curling them with either a curling iron, wand, or even a hair straightener, all you need is a good diffuser.

What is a Diffuser you ask, well it’s an attachment for your blow dryer that disperses the air to reduce frizz and keep from disrupting the natural wave pattern and it’s great for any texture, from wavy to corkscrew curls.” But more than anything, “it can help even out curl patterns and it’s also great for anyone that has some wave in their hair and wants to get more curl or body to it.” Ready to try?

Put the diffuser to work

Before applying heat to your hair, it’s recommended that you use a thermal protectant on your hair to place a barrier between your hair and the heat. Spray your favourite heat protecting spray all over your hair, making sure to get in between layers for better coverage. This will protect your hair from damage. After that’s been done, lift a section of your hair into the diffuser, then turn your hair dryer on low – too much heat can harm the curl, and too much airflow can make curls look frizzy. Its recommended cupping the diffuser around your hair and pushing hair around with your fingers to shape it.

Start by drying the ends of your hair and moving up toward the roots as you dry. You can also flip your head upside down to get more volume at the roots, and dry hard-to-reach spots at the back and centre of your head. Continue using your diffuser all over your hair, dropping your wet curls into the diffuser and drying on low to gently diffuse hair to about 80% dry. Letting it air dry towards the end will give it a bouncy finish that looks hydrated. When you’re done styling, hands off! “Wet hair is so much more impressionable than dry, and disturbing the hair when wet could be detrimental to a smooth finish.” Plus, the rule with curly hair is that the more you touch it, the worse it looks. Get in the habit of leaving those curls be.

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