As the days get colder and Winter creeps in a little bit closer you may be wondering how to keep those curls in check. The good news is that we’re to help in moments of hair distress. Firstly, drinking lots of water is the first step to keeping hair and skin moisturised. Curly hair is known to be a bit more unruly and a tad more difficult to manage in the winter months. Thankfully there are ways of keeping luscious locks moisturised, nourished and looking fabulous.

The cold and harsh winter months can cause hair to lose natural moisture leaving it parched and brittle. Using the proper hair products can make a big difference in the appearance, texture and health of your hair. It is important to use hair care products specifically formulated for the needs and complements the texture and strand of your hair.

To keep curls moisturised and nourished it is important to use a hair care product that is formulated with a moisturising and nourishing formula to meet the specific needs of your hair. The Love Curl range offers a wide variety of hair care products specifically formulated for curly hair. Not only does this haircare range provide hairstylists with a comprehensive hair care product but it also keeps curls moisturised, enhances volume and adds shine.