A salon trolley is a simple cart that is used to hold important equipment and products for when you need them the most. There are usually several drawers in this trolley that allow you to store your equipment neatly and within easy reach, allowing you to help more than one customer at a time as you will not need to move around the salon in search of equipment.

The equipment you keep in your salon trolley should allow you to perform your duties efficiently and effectively. You will need to keep all hair products such as mousses and gels in your salon trolley for when you need to style hair, and your scissors and brushes should also be kept in one of the drawers.  Below we take a look at how to choose your salon trolley.

Select The Right Size

One of the most important considerations to think about for your salon trolley is the size. If you will be storing larger equipment in it, such as hair dryers and clippers or trimmers, then it will likely need to be a larger-sized salon trolley. If you are only using it to store hair products then it can be more compact. You will also need to look at the size of your salon itself; it is not ideal to have large trolleys in a small space, as this will crowd the floor and make it difficult to move around easily.

Make It Move

Having a salon trolley should allow you to easily move from one side of the salon to another, so you should look at how easy the trolley is to move. Even if the trolley is fully loaded, it should move with ease and should not topple over or grate against the floor. Test out how the wheels feel when moving the trolley around so you get a feel for how it moves. If the trolley does not move easily or if it feels heavy to move around, then you might need to look at another model.

Drawers Are The Decider

Having enough drawers in your salon trolley is vital, as these are where you will be storing your products and equipment. Drawers also provide a more finished and refined appearance, as your equipment is not simply laying around untidily. The depth of the drawers is also important, as you can store more items in deeper drawers than in shallow drawers. Some drawers might be easier to slide out than others, making it easier to grab equipment in a hurry.

Don’t Forget Design

While functionality is important for a salon trolley, the design should also be carefully considered. A contemporary design is ideal for a modern salon, one that is chic and sleek, as it will enhance the decor you already have in your salon. If you want to make your salon trolley more discreet, you can opt for a model that looks like a piece of furniture. Whatever your decision, it should match the look and feel of your salon.

Remember Reachability

Storing everything in one place will make your work easy, but everything should be within easy reaching distance. All of the compartments, shelves, and drawers should be within easy reach of the user so you do not spend too much time bending down or reaching over to find what you are looking for. Make sure that you can find what you are looking for without too much effort will help to make it easier for you to perform duties quickly and efficiently.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right salon trolley is an important part of building a successful salon. Start by choosing the right size, be sure it can move easily across your salon floor without feeling too heavy or tippling over, and look at how many and how deep the drawers are. The drawers and attachments should be easy to reach and the design should complement your salon design.

If you need a new salon trolley or want to update your current one, speak to Complete Hairdressing Supplies for more information on what we can offer you.