No barber enjoys having their movement or vision restricted when cutting or trimming the head of their clients. Being able to move around with clippers in hand while you masterfully cut or trim is the stuff great haircuts are made of. With that said, while investing in a cordless clipper for your barbershop may seem expensive and perhaps even unnecessary, there are a few surprising benefits.


Benefits of cordless clippers


  • Longer lasting blades. Saves your barbershop in the long run.
  • Fast battery charging. Charges fast and allow you to continue with business as usual, in minimal time.
  • Minimises strain on your wrist as you cut and trim.
  • High-speed motor to deliver an exceptional cutting experience.
  • Unrestricted movement, giving you the freedom to move around comfortably.

Not only are these benefits great for you as a hair professional, but it’s also good for business.

The Andis-MLC Cordless Master Clipper gives you access to these benefits and allows you to perform your job at your best, and most unrestricted. The investment of good quality clippers will ensure that your barbershop can offer your clients a truly professional haircut experience. Go ahead, invest in a clear-cut, quality product that will produce more good haircuts than Eskom does regular load shedding!